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Success Coaching
  • Starting exactly where you are. There is no reason to 'get ready' to be coached. Life and business do not happen in a vacuum and neither does coaching you to success.
  • Focusing. Together we develop a plan of action, so you are doing the right things for you or your business by having your own clear map for your life or business.
  • Realistic Planning. We work with the given responsibilities, resources, and work to either eliminate, delegate or create reserve in all areas of your life or business.
  • Creating. Businesses and people's lives are always in a state of creation. Together we will expand your vision, opportunities and refine your skills to get you to the place of doing exactly what you love and are passionate about.
  • Building. We will discover the areas that you need to improve to build a better infrastructure. Whether you need to develop a new income stream or remove the things that drain your energy, we will integrate new ways of doing your business and life.

    Business & Career Coaching
    • Professional Growth
    • Career Development
    • Career Transition
    • Education
    • Web Content
    • Special Projects
    • Business Plans
    • Marketing Plans
    • New Market Development
    • Business Development

    Personal and Life Coaching
    • Self Empowerment
    • Transition
    • Career Transition
    • Spirituality
    • Life Development
    • Well-Being
    • Health
    • Lifestyle Changes

    Success Coach Clientele
    The types of clients Success Coach works with continues to be as diverse as people and their personal and business interests. Below is a comprehensive list of my coaching clients, their coaching programs and the ever growing interest in utilizing a coach for real life applications.
    • Businesses/Business Owners: Independent, Sole-Proprietor, Partnership, Business Start-ups, Entrepreneur
    • Niche Professionals: Consultants, Coaches, Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, Occupationally Specific Professionals
    • Technology: Engineers, Project Managers, IT Professionals
    • Holistic & Health Practioners: Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Energetic Healers, Herbalists, Astrologers, Nurses
    • Artists: Graphic Artists, Web Developers, Independent Writers, Photographers, Publishers
    • Students: Non-Traditional, Professionals Seeking New Skills, Career Expansion With Occupational or Academic Goals
    • Growth, Development, Transition Clients: Career Development, Change or Retirement, Personal and Professional Change, Health, Personal Foundation, Life Skills, Quality of Life, Project Specific Coaching, Goal, Vision/Mission, Focus, Special Projects

      As your coach, I love to support you, to become your very best, for you. I commit to provide you the unconditional support to attain your goals or mastery in any level of life. I want for you to set your own standards, to be happy, and truly successful.

      Celebrating your achievements and attainments is what I really do!

Becky Haugen, Coach