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Life Lessons - Changing Perspective

There's a wonder in the way we're always free
To change the world by changing how we see.
By Cyndi Craven, from "Love's Shining Peace"


What is it most you desire? Do you desire the struggle, the challenge or the impediment to your success? Do you desire the balance, the well being and the positive experiences that come to you effortlessly? In every challenge there is a point when you realize that you are in a struggle. You recognize that every choice is taking you into another challenge. When the next action does not turn into the things you desire you finally begin the task of asking yourself 'why not?' It is only at this point that you can begin to gain perspective and begin in a new direction.

You now are at a point in your life to see what has not been visible for a long time. The challenges were really opportunities to help you see the life you are creating. The challenge is like an artifact, much like a pictograph that you stare at and interpret to find meaning. You take in this artifact and begin to see what the image represents. This was an artifact you created, but why, for what purpose and how can you use the knowledge to change? What you have been creating may be in direct opposition with what you desire.

As you gain understanding, notice what is different. How have you changed your beliefs? How are the challenges forcing you to see yourself now? As you view the artifact, begin to see what you can now change. Are there new ways that you can choose to act or believe? Are you now able to remove the obstacles? Are you now able to flow with your desires instead of against them? What is now possible that was not in the past?
With this new information begin changing your attitudes and your actions to begin to change into this new direction. Begin to blend into the new position of change by integrating into the desire you now choose.

With every change, challenge or struggle lies the opportunity to create something different. Examine the artifacts of your life to gain knowledge, decide on a new course direction and decide to move forward.

TEACHABLE MOMENTS ~What You See Is What You Get

Your life at any time can become difficult.
Your life at any time can become easy.
It all depends upon how you adjust yourself to life.
Positive thinking is simply reacting positively to a negative situation.
So try to see the good in every situation.
You cannot always control your circumstances.
But you can control your own thoughts.
Things seem to turn out best for those people
who can make the best out of the way things turn out.
It's not the situation, It's your reaction to the situation.
The reality of your life may result from many outside factors, none of which you can control. Your attitude, however, reflects the ways in which you elevate what is happening to you.
What has happened to you, good or bad, only your thinking makes it so

LIGHTEN UP!    A Rabbit Tale

A woman with a broken ankle was gingerly hobbling along on crutches as she attempted to walk her dog. Because of her handicap, however, she was having a lot of trouble keeping the dog under control. Finally, the dog lunged forward, the leash slipped out of her hand, and the dog went running down the street. She called and called, but the dog wouldn't come back. Since she couldn't chase after it, she eventually gave up and went home.

A couple of hours later she heard something scratching at the door. When she went to the door she found her dog standing there with a dead rabbit in its mouth. Upon closer inspection, she realized it was the neighbors' pet rabbit. She knew she would never be able to tell them what happened, and since they were out of town for the weekend, she hit upon a plan.

She took the rabbit into the bathroom, washed it off, and blew its fur dry. Then she took the rabbit back to the neighbors' backyard and put the rabbit back in its cage. She thought the neighbors would discover the rabbit dead and think it died in the cage. They would never suspect what really happened.

On Monday, there was a knock at the door, and when she answered, there was her neighbor standing there. He asked her if she had seen anyone in their backyard over the weekend. She said no. He said, "Did you see anything strange going on around our house or yard?" Again, she denied seeing anything suspicious. She said, "Why are you asking me these questions? What happened?" He said, "Well, something really strange is going on in my backyard. On Friday our rabbit died, so we buried it in the backyard. But when we came back from the weekend, it was back in the cage!" A lesson learned. (Inspired by my sister Bobbi.)

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